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Hello beautiful people of the internet, I am an empath and an intuitive spiritual space holder
whose life purpose focuses on connecting with those who are interested in receiving healing messages to assist in their
mind, body and soul journey.
Over the years I have immersed myself in my practices as a tarot reader, yoga teacher, crystal collector and amateur
astrologer, to illuminate my gifts while seeking out all types of spiritual knowledge in the hopes of healing myself and
I have always loved listening to the stories and experiences of those around me whether that be family, friends and
whoever I end up meeting out and about. It’s through listening to those stories that help bring an energetic
connectedness unlike anything else. It’s that connectedness that brings healing, support and love. I’ve known from a
very young age that this was in alignment with my purpose. This is how my journey started, and now it continues to
flow through me as my soul's work.
My goal is to help illuminate the beautiful possibilities in front of you while guiding you along the path toward your
own healing journey. I want to help you become more confident and connected to your soul’s potential.
I am grateful you are here and I look forward to working with you.

Check out my curated Spotify playlists designed for each astrological season HERE




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