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Welcome to Capricorn Season.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

NEW SEASON, NEW ENERGY (Sagittarius to Capricorn).

This month knocked me out y'all. We had some eclipse energy coming in real hot mixed with that Sagittarius fire. Whoa. I got burned and seriously slowed the eff down the past few weeks. I hope when you look back at this last month you are proud of how you moved through it no matter what the outcome was. And now, we officially welcome winter.

Let's pop right into it. We are moving from a positive, fun fire sign to a super secure and ambitious earth sign. Both energies are powerful in their own right. What will change is how we are directing this energy. Think about it as going from a more balanced life to a more disciplined one. This energy is perfect for those who want to finish off 2020 super strong. Raise your hand if that's you.

In tarot we are moving from Temperance to The Devil. The Devil is here to tell us we are not broken. We are not damaged in any way, shape or form. Once we are able to accept the "darker" parts of ourselves, we are able to truly be free. When we are able to explore those parts without judgment, we are then able to learn and ask for help if needed. Ya know? You've got this.


Guidance. Surrender. Higher Ascension.

I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP. I've said it a few times and I'll have another post on this topic soon, but 2021 is a Hierophant year. It's only fitting that the final card of the year is literally ushering us into the theme of next year. Hierophant energy asks us to question everything. Question your morals, values, traditions, expectations and everything else you've been going to the flow with. Step away from what you were taught to ensure it still aligns with who you are.

P.S. If you’re interested, you can scroll and find I pulled three of the Major Arcana cards from a few of my decks and went over some general information about all 12 signs. I did that on the day each season started. Start there if you’re interested in a starting point when learning about astrology. (



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