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2021: Hierophant Year and Fives.

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

This year was something that everyone in the collective felt from internal to external energies, things were off the charts. As we wrap up 2020 and all the energies that have come with that, we are ushering in something new.

I took a course with Lindsay Mack where she broke down the energies of 2020 and 2021. This post is a combination of her teachings, my takeaways from her lesson and some of my own insights.

Look To The Numerology Of It All

New energies, new experiences, new goals, new visions. The whole enchilada and then some. Let’s start off with the numerology of 2021. If we add up all the numbers that make up 2021 we get 5 (2+0+2+1 = 5).

Use this math to calculate energies of any year and see what comes up and what doesn’t.

Now that we have the number five, we look to the Major and Minor Arcana for added insight.

Looking To The Minor Arcana: The Fives The fives are all about the contraction before expansion and knowing when/ how to take care of ourselves when this comes up. During this year we will feel some expansion and the growing pains that come with that. It will be uncomfortable. Trust. Most things that make us feel uncomfortable are getting us out of our comfort zone.

If you’re willing to pop out of that comfort zone and take up space, do it.

Taking up space especially when we’re not used to it can feel almost “wrong” or like we’re unworthy to have a seat at the table. Well, you beautiful soul, I am here to tell you that you absolutely deserve that seat. Allow me to scoot over and you can sit right by me.

This expansive energy can be intense and with that intensity comes resilience. We’ve all been through some shit y’all and we have each individually become stronger because of it. This is not meant to sugarcoat the horrible experiences of health issues, oppression, racial profiling, money things and everything in between. Those experiences — those feelings — are valid. Stay in that space to process for as long as you need.

What I’m saying is that when you come out the other side you will realize your own inner strength. The guts that it takes to continue to wake up, get dressed, interact with people, all of it. It’s a superpower and you are a strong AF.

If those uncomfortable feelings come up during 2021, ask yourself:

How I can look after myself?

How can I help my body?

Who can I turn to for comfort?

What do I need right now?

What area of my life am I feeling this expansion?

What am I growing out of?

What am I growing into?

Keep in mind everyone is on their own individual journey, but collectively we are all going through something. If life ever feels too overwhelming just look to the fives.

Five of Wands: Embrace and examine the messiness that comes with life. Acknowledge that it’s time to reorder, reorganize and reprioritize.

Five of Pentacles: Don’t over give. Don’t do anything because you have to do it.

Five of Swords: If you are feeling defeated, get up and reclaim the sword that was taken or slipped out of your fingers. That is yours and you have the power to reclaim it.

Five of Cups: Allow your grief the time and space it needs to heal. There is no rushing this process.

Looking To The Major Arcana: The Hierophant

Now that we understand how important the fives are for 2021, we look to the tarot and see the fifth card in the Major Arcana is The Hierophant. This is BIG 2021 energy right here.

The energy of the Hierophant is about traditions, teachings and the passing down of knowledge. If you look at the Smith Rider-Waite deck we see people listening to a priest preach about something. Many people don’t follow organized religion and some have conflicting feelings about church.

If we take a step back and examine a more inclusive approach to The Hierophant we can see it as us reexamining the systems and beliefs we were taught, and readjusting those ideas to fit our mindset now. Those beliefs may not have changed and that’s okay. Keep working with what is working for you. If they have changed then 2021 is the year to throw out what doesn’t work.

This next year is asking us to trust ourselves and to become our own teachers. We are showing up to learn, to question, to process and deep dive into those uncomfortable beliefs we’ve had for so long, and question why we’re still holding onto them.

This is a time to liberate ourselves. What comes to mind for me is The Little Mermaid swimming to the top of the water and busting through to the surface while making some intense waves around her. That’s it. That’s what it’s going to be like.

When we come to those realizations of what is and isn’t working for us we will break through this barrier and feel so much better. We will feel liberated knowing the choices we are making now aren’t because we have to do them, but because we are following our own compass forward.

No one can predict what will happen in 2021. Our choices can alter our reality in an instant and we can feel that ripple effect from the choice of others.

Familiarize yourself and welcome the support of the energies of the fives and The Hierophant.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. See you in 2021.


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