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2022: The Lovers and the Sixes

And just like that we're in 2022.

Wow. These past two years seem like they've both flown by and were so damn long. So many things changed this year and so many remained the same. Globally, we're still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental issues are still here and we're all focusing on our mental health.

Personally, the beginning of 2021 almost feels like a lifetime ago. Or is that just me? I generally remember who I was and what I was doing in January 2021, but it just seems like an old version of myself. An old version that I who-heartedly respect and love, but someone who was scared of life at the time. I was living in a comfortable bubble where I wasn't going outside of my comfort zone. As the year continued, I stumbled. I feel hard and I got pretty banged up. Now that the dust has settled, I now realize what had happened. I somehow lost track of the lessons and the hard work I put in these past few years. I got swept up in all the chaos that I never checked in with myself and I told myself to continue to go with the flow and everything will be okay. Well, the flow of it all pushed me down deeper and deeper away from who I wanted to be.

This post is a combination of my own insights on this next year and based on a class I took by Lindsay Mack called Threshold 2022.

Now, thinking about 2021 and what tarot showed us, it was the year of the Fives and also a Hierophant year. The Fives had us notice the contraction before expansion and knowing when/ how to take care of ourselves when this comes up.

Five of Wands: Embrace and examine the messiness that comes with life. Acknowledge that it’s time to reorder, reorganize and reprioritize.

Five of Pentacles: Don’t over give. Don’t do anything because you have to do it.

Five of Swords: If you are feeling defeated, get up and reclaim the sword that was taken or slipped out of your fingers. That is yours and you have the power to reclaim it.

Five of Cups: Allow your grief the time and space it needs to heal. There is no rushing this process.

During 2021 we felt some expansion and the growing pains that come with all of that. It was uncomfortable and oftentimes messy.

The Hierophant on the other hand had us questioning. Questioning who we look to for support, what systems are in place to protect us and who are we trusting to help lead us in the right direction. If you felt a massive shift in yourself this year, know you are not alone. This past year was a big one. We took off the rose colored glasses we've been holding onto and confronted some deep shit, both within ourselves and with the world around us.

So where do we go from here?

Let's identify where this "six" is coming from.

Each year is associated with a number. Let’s start off with the numerology of 2022. If we add up all the numbers that make up 2022 we get 6 (2+0+2+2 = 6). We take this number and we look to our tools for some extra guidance and support. Look to tarot, astrology, candle magic, spells, whatever your practice is, turn to it. You can also take that six and dive into the history of the number. Now, of course with everything, you don't need to say "yes" to every piece of information you find. We're continuing on with our Hierophant work and just because that was the theme of last year, doesn't mean we aren't taking what we've learned with us. Question what comes up. Feel how it sits with your body. Adjust and make your own rules.

Looking To The Major Arcana: The Lovers

Now that we know we're focused on the number six, turn to your tarot deck and see what card has the number six on it. Yep, it's The Lovers. Talk about some different energy. The imagery alone on The Lovers evokes something different than the Hierophant. Look at the colors, the people on the card, the emotion of their faces, body language, etc.

As we know The Lovers is not just a nod to romantic or platonic partnerships because not all of us are interested or focused on that. Love can be applied to work, everyday tasks, rituals, etc. Depending on your focus, love can be applied anywhere.

Love in its most beautiful and natural form is warm, inviting, supportive, healing and helps us see the deepest parts of a person. This year we are looking to be more supportive of others and ourselves as we continue to go through this expansive energy. Remember growing and evolving can be painful. It's like that morning stretch right after you wake up or that yoga pose you sit in for a long time. It can be tough and a bit painful at the beginning, but you just have to breathe through it and allow yourself to get through it. I don't know anyone who's felt bad after a good morning stretch, ya know?

Supporting others: This year we may find ourselves checking up on others more often because we're also in year three of COVID-19 and the third wave of lockdowns and restrictions are seriously messing up some of our systems. Mentally and physically, this situation continues to be hard. We're showing up and supporting through loving texts, phone calls, snail mail, physical touch and by listening.

Again, love can be present in all forms. Whatever you find yourself doing, be sure its encased in love.

Supporting ourselves: Now for some tough love. Being selfless and helping out others is absolutely beautiful, but also ask yourself if you are using it as a distraction from your own stuff. The Lovers also asks us:

How am I being authentic to myself?

What ways am I showing up for me?

What acts of loving kindness did I do today that made me feel good?

Is this task or opportunity something I want?

Revisit these questions every so often as a way to check-in. We need to deep dive more into self-love and self-care this year. Seeking validation from others through social media likes, invites to hangout and compliments, while great, isn't where we need to focus. We have to focus on being whole and enough with ourselves. Once we understand how to accept and/or respect where we're at, that's when some truly magical stuff happens.

Examples of embracing self-love: With this new profound outlook on life we will find that we aren't dressing a certain way for others. We'll dress the way we want to because it makes us feel good. We won't second guess every single thing we eat for fear our body will change. Instead we'll eat what we want because we're hungry, we cave something and not feel shame. We're looking at doing what we want because we want to, not because society tells us to or because we're following the advice of someone else.

We'll understand what patterns we have been following for years and understand how that led us off course. We can find more inner alignment and show up more authentically. How does that sound for some big 2022 energy?

Looking To The Minor Arcana: The Sixes

While the Major Arcana does get a lot of the spotlight this year, we do have some other Sixes we can look to that will further support these 2022 vibes. They deserve a seat at the table along with The Lovers.

We will continue to feel that expansive energy we felt in 2021, but this year we will focus on expanding into and with support. We'll work on rooting and replenishing as well (self-care).

Six of Wands: Embrace self-celebrating everything from the "little" things to the "big" things. Always come home to reflect on your day and give gratitude for what you've accomplished. Be proud of yourself and self-support from within.

Six of Pentacles: Find balancing in giving and receiving. If you have nothing to give, don't overexert yourself or your resources for others. If you are empty, look to your support system to listen and hold you. Replenish yourself and others.

Six of Swords: Don't hide feelings of shame and guilt even when your mind is telling you those parts aren't lovable. Move throughout this year taking and owning these parts of yourself. The more we accept who we are and what makes us, us, the more we move through the self-love practice we were talking about. Radically love and accept who you are.

Six of Cups: Lean into authentically expressing, growing and showing up the way you want to. It's never "too much" if you are filled with gratitude and love. The way you present yourself to the world is the way the world will see you. Don't hide from your emotions.

With all these cards, remember to read the room. Don't say or do something when the energy isn't right.

As I said at the beginning of this post, 2021 shook me like a rag doll and I let it. I let myself get caught up in the messiness of it all and didn't care to see the bright side. Well, I tried and that worked for a bit, but then I kept sliding back to that old mentality. I didn't care to try to find a bigger way out or a solution. That's what it was. I didn't want a solution. I just wanted to sit still and let it all pass over me because when you can't control the big things around you, sometimes you feel like your feet are stuck in concrete.

Well friends, this year is different. I'm starting off closer to who I was in 2021. I'm working on my mental and physical health. I'm staying mindful of the virus and staying close to home. I'm REALLY leaning into my witchy practices and morning rituals. I'm also remembering what I've learned and what this year's potential is. When in doubt, lean into loving yourself.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay in-tune with yourself.

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