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My Baby Witch Mistakes and Tips.

So, you want to be a baby witch, huh? Welcome friend.

You are in great company. The internet is filled with so many beautiful spiritual souls that share their stories, their practices and have the best energy. Ahh it makes me so happy to think about the friends I’ve made since my journey, not to mention all the mistakes I’ve learned from.


Buckle your seat belt and let’s take a journey chatting about some baby witch tips if you’re interested in getting into the spiritual side of things.

As I’ve said so many times before, this is my experience and it’s by no means the only way to start practicing. This are just a few things that I’ve learned and hope to pass onto anyone who resonates with them.

Take what you want and leave the rest.

Begin A Spiritual Routine

If you know what works for you when it comes to your intuition, I applaud you. And I’m slightly jealous because it took me a long time to really tap in and ground down with my intuition.

What works best for me is to take a moment either in the morning as a mid-morning break from work, or anytime before I’ve really started my day, to just sit at my alter. I close my eyes and breath. I clear my mind and I ask my guides, ancestors, deities and goddesses of the universe if they have any advice for me. Sometimes I light incense too.

I usually picture all of us having like a little team meeting in the clouds. That may sound cheesy to some people, but I’m a very visual person and oftentimes when I open my Akashic Records, do past life regression sessions or energy work, I always get visuals. BTW, this isn’t going to be the same for everyone.

I ask my team, “Is there anything you want me to know today? Are there people, places or situations you want me to keep an eye out for?”

I usually keep it short and simple, but open-ended enough that anything can come in. I don’t like asking “yes” or “no” questions because honestly that’s when my ego steps in and just answers for me. My ego can be loud and in these moments I want my mind to be open and still.

After that I sometimes I hear an answer that is so clear I know It’s from them and sometimes I hear nothing. It’s silent … crickets. It’s when I hear nothing that I sit for a few seconds and if I still don’t hear anything, I’ll bust out my tarot cards. I give them a good shuffle, and by good I mean at least 10 good shuffles. Depending on the deck I either pick a card I’m drawn to or wait for a lil jumper to pop out. I’ll read the card and leave it at my alter with my incense and candles so when I look over I am reminded of what my advice is for the day.

After I incorporated this into my daily routine, holy hell did my intuition and guides open up to me. This is a little step, but it packs a punch and was so incredibly transformative.

10/10 would recommend.

You don’t need to have an alter. You can meditate on your yoga mat before or after your practice. You can pop into nature and allow the breeze to give you a message. There are an infinite amount of ways to connect. The goal is to find a moment of stillness.

Gather Your Tools

Ya girl loves her tools. I find them so helpful and are key components to my practices.

Here’s what I’ve got for ya.

Yoga mat/ Movement: These are part of my daily routine in one way or another. I pop on my yoga mat for some mid-morning or afternoon movement whenever my body is feeling particularly stuck. Depending on the day I can do anywhere from a 10 to 30 minute stretch sesh. I am all about listening to what my body needs and going with that. Sometimes I’ll just do seated poses or lay in savasana for 20 minutes. There’s no shame in that game. Hell, laying in savanna for an hour is yoga as far as I’m concerned. This is all about tuning into your body and letting it tell you what it needs. Allow your body to lead the way without judgment.

Advice: You don’t need a mat to do yoga. You don’t even need to do yoga at all. My advice is to incorporate a time where you are able to connect with your body. This doesn’t need to be everyday if that doesn’t work for you. Take a walk outside, open your window and look out at the world, put on some music and dance around, take a bath, there are so many options. I truly believe checking in and connecting with your body is so powerful and will help you connect more with your intuition. It’s all about acting lovingly and being grateful for this beautiful vessel you have, and this can be expressed in so many different ways.

Crystals: I’m usually wearing a crystal necklace or bracelets throughout the day to give me some much needed energy. I wear a Batswana Agate necklace and I wear four bracelets: Smokey Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst and Tourmaline. I also have my living room decorated with crystals. They’re all pretty small and range from ($2 to $40) with a few larger ones thrown in there. I keep them in my living room because this is the space I’m in most of the time, especially now that I’m working from home. I rely on the energy of those crystals to keep me vibing throughout the day.

Advice: You don’t need to have a crystal in order to enhance your baby witch work. If you feel drawn to one and/ or you have the means to buy one, then totally go for it. Another alternative is to find something out in nature you connect with. It could be some flowers or herbs in your yard. Maybe the smell or the look brings you some energy and you can dry them out, and keep them on your alter. It could be an interesting looking rock, leaves or water from the ocean. Whatever brings you energy is perfect and personal for this work, nothing elaborate is required.

Tarot: Of course, y’all know how much I love and rely on my tarot decks for guidance. I usually keep them in my room, but recently I moved them next to my alter in my living room. Each deck brings a different energy to a reading and I of course have my go-to decks, but I want to incorporate the others if I feel drawn to them. I want them right there and at the ready when they call to me. I don’t work with my cards everyday, like people, we sometimes need a break from each other. Rest and recharging are essential for both parties.

Advice: If you’re interested in tarot, I highly suggest getting a deck that is similar to the Smith Rider Waite deck. It’s the original tarot deck and many teachers, and decks for that matter, have based their practices around this deck. If you don’t vibe with SRW, check out some alternatives like the Modern Witch tarot deck. The imagery is more inclusive and is an updated version of the SRW.

Find what works for you. After I began leaning on each of these tools as support I was able to really surrender to all their strengths. I’m not super comfortable asking others for help, so leaning on these tools has been great when I need help. Tuning in and listening has truly enhanced my trust in my abilities.

Do No Harm

Yo, this is a big one and if you take anything away from this post, I hope it’s this.

You need permission to:

  • Tap into someone’s energy

  • To look at someone’s chart (birth chart, human design, etc.)

  • To pull cards relating to someone else

  • To give advice

When in doubt, always ask for consent.

Listen closely baby witches, you must get EXPLICIT permission to do any of what I mentioned above. You do not have the right to tap into someone’s energy without permission. It’s a violation of their boundaries and it’s exploding your gifts to harm someone. Yes, you read that right, if you tap into someone’s energy without their permission, that is harmful.

Everyone has the right to their own feelings and emotions. We all have our own boundaries and that 100% needs to be respected.

Why am I so adamant about this?

What if you pickup on something that isn’t yours to pick up on?

What if you unknowingly trigger something within them?

What if you said something to them that made them feel uncomfortable?

What if they aren’t interested in knowing what you picked up on?

Just because you have these gifts doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with them.

Be kind. Be respectful. Be honest and hold yourself accountable. The energy we all put out is so potent and powerful, so please remember to do no harm to others when it comes to this work.

I hope this helped shed some radiant light on some beginner steps to becoming a baby witch. Holler if you have any questions at all.



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