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Capricorn Season: Tarot Pulls

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Welcome to Capricorn season (Dec. 22 to Jan 20)

It's that time again friends, winter is officially here and the last few holidays are ready to be celebrated. I think this all touches perfectly on Capricorn energy. They are the sign that loves tradition and details. The vibes of this kind of year bring nostalgia for all the festive stuff and of course, to celebrate them. Capricorns remind us that being discerning, disciplined and having a responsible attitude in your back pocket will always keep you in alignment with who you are.

Sagittarius: The Sea Goat

Planet ruler: Saturn

Element: Cardinal Earth

Season: Winter

Tarot card: The Devil

Part of the body Sagittarius rules over: Knees.

Card for the collective: The High Priestess. This month, allow your intuition to guide you, specifically gut check people and situations regularly. It's okay to say no and get a bad vibe from those you've known for a while. Don't be afraid to speak up or create some distance.

Fire signs: The Magician. Talk about a powerful time! I mean magic is literally flowing through you in the most natural way. Work with the energies around you and continue to step into your power. It seems like everything you are doing, is exactly what you should be doing. Earth signs: Ace of Swords. Use your voice to actually verbalize that something needs to change, that you wholeheartedly welcome a new beginning if that's what you crave. It's the perfect time to year to close a chapter and open another one. Be honest with yourself and how you feel. Speak your truth. Water signs: Two of Wands. If actual travel isn't on the horizon then something regarding physical movement is. There are options in front of you that could put you on a new physical path. The world is your oyster little water signs. This season you may find yourself making some big moves, literally. Air signs: Death. It's time to shed. You know it's been time to move on and let what needs to die, die, but something has left you not wanting to do something so final and that's okay. This season you may get confirmation that your rebirth is one step away and there's one last loose end to tie up.

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