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Court Cards: The Knights

We are here continuing our lil court card conversation. This is part two of four. You ready?

We went over the idea that court cards are double-elemented, remember? If not, go back to the Pages post please. I break it all down there. If Pages are Earth energy, then Knights must be … Fire. Yes I said Fire. Some see them as Air, but that ain’t me.

My argument for the Knights being Fire: When I think of the Knights, I think of someone who is chomping at the bit and wants to get involved. They were bestowed this amazing honor and they want to get to work. I think of them as so excited, has this exuberant energy and a lust for life that is like no other. They are ready to be of service and understand their role is to protect with their physical being if it comes down to it. In my opinion Fire is Mars energy and also Aries, Leo and Sagittarius energy too. The hunter, passionate, fast moving and assertive. In my mind those qualities perfectly align with someone’s that teenage to mid-30s energy.

How was that? Did I convince you?

Knight of Wands (Fire and Fire): Passion for Action. Adventurous. Confident.

Okay, okay I need to say this. Some people see the Knight of Wands as pure fuckboy energy. I guess I see it, but also … no. Knight of Wands is all about taking charge. They are leading the pack because they want to be all up in the excitement. They are the one who volunteers to go first and although they may be a frightened, they want to be the one to take the hit. Be mindful of the ego. It’s one thing to take action because you want to and to be selfless, it’s another because you want to boast and brag about yourself.

Knight of Cups (Fire and Water): Passion for Connection. Heart-Centered. Possibilities.

Unapologetically leading with the heart without fear. Whoa. In my mind the Knight of Cups is someone who is ready to walk toward their true heart’s desire without fear or rejection or judgement. My heart is racing just thinking about this. They have so much love and guidance to share with the world, a parter, friends, whoever wants to listen. Their journey has been one where they have remained true to themselves. Be mindful to not push your feelings or unsolicited advice on others. They need to be ready and willing. Read the room before you open up.

Knight of Pentacles (Fire and Earth): Passion for Duty. Practical. Gratitude.

The most down-to-earth knight in all the bunch. This Knight takes the time to understand the terrain, those around them and gives gratitude for what has happened thus far. They have put in the work to train, to prepare and because of that, they are the most reliable. Their passion for the work combines their physical being with their values to create the ideal situation. Dedication to their craft fulfills them. Be mindful to not get too enveloped in work, expectations or goal-getting. Stay grounded and remember to have fun, always come home to that lust for life energy.

Knight of Swords (Fire and Air): Passion for Humanity. Logical Action. Understanding.

Another passionate energy that wants to be all up in the mess. Honestly haha. Th eKnight of Swords is more grounded compared to the Knight of Wands. They want to take charge and swiftly lead the way after getting some direction. They understand how to use their logic to fight for what they believe in. They are willing to step up in a way that is unlike the others. They lead the way with this bigger purpose in mind — protecting the collective. They fight for those who are unable to. They use their voice and their sword to articulate what’s going right and wrong. Be mindful not to take on the extra pressure and energy of others. It can weigh you down and clutter your mind.

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