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Court Cards: The Pages

Raise your hand if a court card came up in a reading and you didn’t know what to do? Hi. My name is Elissa and this absolutely happened when I first began working with tarot. Know that even the most experienced readers get thrown off and it this happens, don’t sweat it, boo. When in doubt, trust your intuition and the messages you are receiving. Before we jump into the cards, it’s important to mention that I was taught to think of the court cards as double-elemented. What in the hell does that mean? It means some people choose to tie an element with each court card, I am 100% one of them. Some readers choose not to do this and that is perfectly okay. Each reader has their own way of identifying the energies of each card, and we all read differently. What I was taught: Pages: Earth Knights: Air Queens: Water Kings: Fire Combine that with earth, air, water and fire, and there you go. Double-elemented energy! Boom. And now onto the Pages, which kick off the journey through the court cards. These cards essentially are a new beginning, yes I know people hear that a lot when it comes to the Aces, The Fool, etc. “New beginning” is an associated with a lot of cards, but there is a reason my friend. Pages have been through that Ace to Ten journey. They have grown, they have gained knowledge and now what’s next isn’t just a new chapter, but a new book in the series. I see pages as kid-like. They are full of curiosity and have this energy about them that is still super green. When we see the pages we need to be mindful not to crush their beautiful spirit, but allow that to drive. We can bring some extra “grown-up” ideas to keep in mind, but overall we want the Pages to play. It’s that playful energy that keeps us full of wonder and possibilities.

Page of Pentacles (Earth and Earth): Play with Possibilities. Manifestation. Patience. Explore what it would be like to accept that offering — to take that chance and run with it. This card tells us to prepare for the Universe to give us something. Reach for for your wildest dreams and trust in your value system to give you hope. Be mindful not to just reach for whatever is in front of you. Be decisive. Page of Swords (Earth and Air): Play with Communication. Knowledge. Helping Others. Understand how to prepare before you thoughts and emotions before you express them. Take the time to allow your brain and your voice to work in sync. Allow your most powerful asset to be used as a force for good. Do your research, listen to what you want so you are sure you understand what you are fighting for. Page of Wands (Earth and Fire): Play with Excitement. Independence. Discover. Kickstarting the journey full of excitement, powerful energy and ready to take on the world. This card reminds us to not be afraid of what comes next. Embrace every step, every milestone, every bruise and every accomplishment. Sit in the energy of excitement and unknown. Be mindful to not just run wild during your journey. Enjoy what you see along the way. Page of Cups (Earth and Water): Play with Imagination. Curious. Inner Child. This card reminds me of how important it is to get in touch with your inner child and get curious about life. Explore the unknown and ask questions about life, love and how things work. Embrace this fun energy by tapping into your heart space and intuition. Be mindful of manipulation. Some can see a big beautiful heart and want to take advantage. Next we’ll talk about the Knights.

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