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Court Cards: The Queens

The Queens. AHH I love them. I’m intimidated, but I love them.

They are pure water which translates to them being confident and full of sage wisdom. It’s this inner knowing, a moral compass and intuition that they rely on to help those around them. Water signs, you know what I’m talking about.

I see the Queens as energies that are in their late 20s to shoot … 100s. And remember Queens aren’t always tied female-bodied individuals, but someone who exudes this nurturing energy and I think that once that kicks in, it stays within you. Throughout history queens were often depicted as someone who stayed in the background. They had no authority. Well not this bunch. The Queens in tarot are a sign of strength. They have used their own experiences and observations to understand what’s going on with the people, and the world around them.

Queen of Cups (Water and Water): Healer. Intuitive. Compassionate. The ultimate Queen who I know has the best hugs around. This Queen is double water and lives their life free flowing with love, warmth, support, and focuses on their heart-centered energy. This Queen is here to listen and protect all those around them from the world. I imagine they grew up as a lonely child who had to fend for themselves. They are all grown up and now exude the energy they wish they had. Always turn to the Queen of Cups if you need to be reminded that you deserve love and you deserve to share your love with others. Be mindful that you aren’t always giving, giving, giving without any rest or without an even energetic exchange. Being there for others is wonderful, but you also need someone there for you from time-to-time.

Queen of Wands (Water and Fire): Independent. Authoritative. Witchy.

This Queen. This Queen is the one I most identify with. They are sometimes seen as aggressive, assertive or just a straight-up B-I-T-C-H with tons of attitude. We don’t prescribe to that patriarchal narrative around here. This Queen is water and fire. Those elements create boiling water, right? Just like a cauldron. This Queen is pure witch energy. They are using these two elements to create something special. The Queen of Wands reminds us that we don’t need to dull down our light for anyone. We are born with these beautiful abilities and we deserve to use them to our advantage not only for us, but for those around us. Step into your power. Be mindful of the magic you’re doing. Keep in mind the purpose behind the spells and if it’s still in alignment with you.

Queen of Swords (Water and Air): Articulate. Logical. Determined.

The badass warrior Queen. This Queen is ready to show up in full force with their sword in hand and chainmail on. The Queen of Swords understands that a kingdom needs to not only run full of love for its people, but logically, sometimes you need to step up and protect your people. This Queen is constantly having a conversation with their head and heart. Love and logic are the essence of them. You don’t need to explain how things work to this one — they are listening to strategies and studying up on anything they can get their hands on. Be mindful that the balance between the heart and the head is a beautiful one, but if one outweighs the other trust your intuition and pick one to listen to.

Queen of Pentacles (Water and Earth) Mother Earth. Nurturing.

If you’re looking for a down-to-Earth Queen, then they’ve gotchu. This Queen helps nourish your soul with their energy. Imagine a root that is deep into the ground and has been twisted and neglected. This Queen wants to get in the dirt, move some things around and bring water to the system and nourish it. They understand how work and movement are needed to fix things and see progress. When you encounter this queen remember why you’re doing the things you’re doing. The values and the purpose behind the work. Be mindful of burnout. Don’t run yourself into the ground because you’re reaching for something specific. Welcome some twists and turns along the way.

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