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Gemini Season: Tarot Pulls

Happy Gemini season, friends! Here we are gently easing into a fun and free season full of Air energy. As the days get warmer we are embracing all the sunshine and energy that asks us to get out of our heads, and apartments. There are new connections on the horizon whether that be with others or yourself. Remember Gemini, the twins, are all about that duality. Embracing and exploring a new side to all things because at the end of the day we are both. Both reside in us and that's so beautiful. Go out there and feel all the feels this last month of spring before we turn it over to summer. Gemini: The Twins Planet ruler: Mercury Element: Mutable Air Season: Spring Tarot card: The Lovers Part of the body Gemini rules over: The nervous system, which includes the shoulders, lungs, arms, hands and fingers. Card for the collective: Ten of Cups. Oh here we go. Here we go with the happiness, the feels, the elation, the sense of accomplishment and so much more. Stand tall and proud as you look back at all you've created. You have cultivated all the things in your beautiful life. Fire signs: Four of Pentacles. Clear your throat and heart chakra through mediation and honest conversations. Something is blocked and by opening that channel up, you can allow the authentic you to speak up. Earth signs: The Universe. You've got the whole world in your hands. Literally. You've got so much out there waiting for you to accept the invitation inside. The Universe has your back this month. Keep an eye out for some good omens. Water signs: Knight of Cups. Be mindful of manipulation and how people around you are expressing themselves. Is it authentic or are they playing with your kind heart? Air signs: Death. Shed. Cry, feel, shed, repeat until every piece of skin is off of you. Like a snake, we need to get all those bits off in order to move forward. You came, you saw and now it's time to continue on your way.

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