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Leo Season: Tarot Pulls

Mid-summer. Let's get it. It seems like everyone has been more open, accepting and invested in their happiness this season, and we love to see it. Leo season is a time when we are asked to embrace who we are, take up space and unapologetically shine. If you haven't done this yet, this is the month to do so. You are a shining star. You are special and what you bring to the table is valuable. Continue to seek out fun, make memories, let your hair down and share your heart with those around you

Leo: The Lion Planet ruler: Sun Element: Fixed Fire Season: Summer Tarot card: Strength Part of the body Gemini rules over: The heart and upper back. Card for the collective: Six of Cups. Stay patient and trust the timing of it all. There is no rush. By waiting, you'll understand that what is meant for you will find you in time. Fire signs: The Devil. Check anything you may consider an "addiction" by reevaluating if it's healthy or not. Also, understand that the way you choose live your life is for you and the judgment of others, but make sure you're staying healthy and happy. Earth signs: Five of Pentacles. Body language speaks volumes. Adjust your posture by standing up straight with shoulders back to not reflect being closed off because you may not know how that's effecting your relationships. Water signs: Ten of Wands. You're dancing around something and not speaking up about it. It's exhausting and you'll feel comfortable saying something soon, but don't wait until you absolutely can't handle it. Air signs: Nine of Wands. You're waiting for the other shoe to drop and that's a waste of your time and energy. Don't fixate on the "what ifs," but focus on the now by staying present.

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