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Magical Cards in the Major Arcana

We know them. We love them. They’re full of big magical energy.

And yet, when I pull these cards sometimes I ask myself, “really?”

It’s that cliche life lesson that we all grew up hearing, but when we’re confronted with something that tests us, that little phrase pops into our head and it just clicks. It hits different.

And when I pull these cards oh does it hit different.

As you’ll see these cards all have a theme. We embody these cards. They are here to show us that we are powerful, we have the power within us and we can always turn to it when we feel lost.

The Magician

Story Time: If you saw my Instastories (follow me @balancedbruja) you know I was hit with a wave of emotion that I wasn’t expecting. I thought I had moved on and fully closed the chapter on something and then, BOOM. I was hit with all the feels. My body went through this intense few hours where I was a sweaty and a heart pounding mess. Although it wasn’t fun to be in that mess it was needed.

I realized how far I had come from that person and that situation and what would have been a downward spiral that would normally takes days to shake, took a few hours.

I took to my deck and pulled a card when I was in the thick of all that and what popped up … The Magician. This card told me exactly what I need to hear.

I have everything I need right in front of me.

I have my tools that I can turn to when I feel like a shattered mess.

I have so much power within me and I can use that to grow and be constructive or I can sink back into old habits. The choice was ultimately mine.

I chose to process, breathe and hit my crystal bowl a few times. This helped so much. Ruled by Mercury, The Magician bridges the gap between us and connecting with a higher power through our tools. Through that rooted connection I was able to ground down and just be.

We’re never fully healed, but sitting in those intense emotions and allowing ourselves to work through it helps us come out the other side stronger than before. We’re resilient bby.

Conclusion: We are all The Magician. We have everything we need with in us. Our power is our own and it is our birthright to step into that power whenever we want. Turn to The Magician within if you feel like your power was taken away or if you’re overcome with stress or emotions and you need to find some sturdy ground. Turn to your tools for support. Remember your power, remember who you are. You will get through this.

The Queen of Wands

They a baddie in the best way.

The Queen of Wands can often be seen as stern, cold person who sits on their throne maybe with a little judgmental attitude — strong fire that can be used to intimidate.

Plot twist that everyone saw coming, I don’t agree with that mindset.

The Queen of Wands is witch energy. It’s water (Queen) and fire (Wands) that mix together to create boiling water. It’s pure, yet simple magic. It’s the elements coming together to transform right before our eyes.

We’ve all heard the narrative that strong, confident women are bitches or high maintenance but men are seen as a mogul or the top dog. These are double standards as it’s finest folks. And somehow the Queen of Wands got roped into all of that.

We’re setting the record straight right now. The Queen of Wands is powerful, confident and understands how their power can be used to create change. By being patient and recognizing the energies around them, they know when to step in and show up. They don’t wait for an invitation, but they have been planning their best course of action for a while. This is by no means meant to intimidate anyone. The Queen of Wands is pure power and can help make essential decisions.

If you’re intimidated by The Queen of Wands, pull up a chair next to them and watch how they work. Understand the values that drive them, how their power is always around and how it can be called up when needed. They are here to teach you and guide you through the world of magic.

The High Priestess

If The Magician is here to remind us of our tools, The Queen of Wands is here to guide us through the world of magic, then The High Priestess is here to remind us to trust our intuition when calling magic in.

Ruled by The Moon, The High Priestess understands how our emotions ebb and flow. They tell us to keep an eye on the moon for that celestial body controls the bodies of water on Earth and within us. I mean we’re made up of so much water and some of us bleed during our own physical cycles, how could we not be effected by The Moon?

They ask us to not be afraid of who we are and what we’re feeling. Trust our intuition because it’s always there to guide us. Surrender to the unknown and allow what wants to come in come in and what wants to be pulled back by the tide to go.

The High Priestess sits on their thrown between two pillars ready to answer your questions. They are here to show you the answers you seek and will use the book at their feet to show you evidence of the answers.

When life becomes overwhelming and/ or you feel like you have nowhere to turn, turn to The High Priestess. Sit back and ask your question. They are here to guide you without judgement. And you know the best part of all this? The High Priestess resides in you.

You are each other.

I hope this shed some light on some of the cards that are always here to remind us of what we already know. We have everything we need around us and within us. When in doubt, turn to these cards, look at the imagery and allow their lessons to be a reminder of who you are and who you’ve always been.



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