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Aries Season: Tarot Pulls

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Welcome to Aries season (March 21 to April 19). We're back at the beginning of the zodiac calendar, bby. And we're kicking it off, as we always do, with Aries season and the spring equinox. It's a fresh start that nature is also all for. Light spring showers and flowers are blooming this month. Be sure to keep your allergy meds close by. Some sunshine and sneezing are on the way. Aries: The Ram Planet ruler: Mars Element: Cardinal Air Season: Spring Tarot card: The Emperor Part of the body Aries rules over: The head, face, brain and eyes. Card for the collective: Five of Cups. Keep an eye out for opportunities that present themselves in an obvious way. You don't necessarily need to take it, but if you're resisting ask yourself "why" and what would need to change for you to accept it. Fire signs: Page of Wands. Play. Just have fun and play. Go outside, run around, exert energy, get dirty, scrape your knees and play. Release whatever's been gripping you and just go out there and be carefree. Earth signs: The Fool. Fall while looking around at all the glorious sites you see. Feel the Earth's energy around you and don't worry about what happens when you reach the end. Embrace the beginning of this new adventure and don't let your anxious mind cloud you from enjoying the present. Water signs: The Universe. The stars are conspiring to get you what you want. Stay patient, stay humble and when it finally presents itself know it's because you worked hard. You will see the fruits of your labor come through in the most beautiful way this month. Air signs: Strength. Stay strong and trust your instincts. Let your ancestors and your intuition guide you. Whatever your feeling is valid and you don't need to second guess your plan, thoughts, emotions because you're fearful of what could happen. Cautiously approach the lion, but know you've got what it takes to get though this situation.

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