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Taurus Season: Tarot Pulls

Welcome to Taurus season (April 20 to May 21). Happy Taurus season, friends! How did Aries season treat you? I was running around like a mad woman. There were so many projects in what seemed like no time, but while I felt myself on the point of exhaustion, I was fueled by so much genuine appreciation for what I was doing. From inspiring work things to training for a half-marathon, this month was perfectly filled with the right amount of energy. While I did find myself stressed, I kept waking up with a smile on my face ready to tackle the day. Maybe ya girl was an Aries in a past life. Enough about me, we're not pumping the breaks after this energy-filled month, but we're gradually slowing down and taking the time to admire a gentler pace. Taurus: The Bull Planet ruler: Venus Element: Fixed Earth Season: Spring Tarot card: The Heirophant Part of the body Aries rules over: The head, face, brain and eyes. Card for the collective: Page of Cups. Another cups card for us. We're are asked to continue to tend to our hearts for the second month in a row. Literally listen to your heart and let it guide you without any judgement. Fire signs: Three of Swords. Okay, now REALLY tend to your hearts. Heal and go slow. Don't get back on the horse yet, because both you and the horse aren't ready. Understand you can't rush yourself into feeling 100%. Earth signs: The High Priestess. Gather knowledge and cultivate your wisdom because someone may be seeking your council on something. Call on past experiences and use them as a tool to guide others. Water signs: Knight of Swords. There's a little fire that's looking to grow when in your life. Tend to it, notice it, but don't let it overtake you. Allow harsh criticism to roll off your back and allow yourself to get optimistically swept up. Air signs: Page of Swords. You know. You know exactly what you need to be doing and who that includes. Don't question the"what if's" and don't concern yourself with the on-goings of someone else. Tend to you this month.

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