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Tarot Cards That Make Me Happy

We all have those tarot cards that give us all the feels. Whether it’s a giant smile across our face, a wave of emotion or a flush of that “ahh” feeling, these cards hold a special meaning to us and can bring back past experiences, memories and/ or messages of “you’ve got this”.

I know we’re not supposed to play favorites, but … I just adore these cards so much.

What cards am I talking about? I’m so glad you asked. We’ve got: The Sun, The Lovers and Strength.

I was looking through my deck and was trying to figure out which cards needed a little love, attention and a blog post attached to them. Then The Sun card popped up. This deck’s card specifically just makes me want to frolic in a field when the sun’s at it’s peak. (Brb I’m writing that down in my summer plans to-do list.)

Let’s start there.

The Sun: Bliss. Success. Surrendering to Happiness.

When I look at this card and think about the energies in the Moonchild Deck, and the Smith-Ryder Waite deck, I am immediately drawn to the people on the card. They are blissfully happy soaking up the sunshine. They are leaning back, exposing their heart to the warmth that’s all around them. What a beautiful concept. To be so in the moment that your body expresses itself the way it wants to as you are feeling the heat of this big beautiful star that is vital for life to exist on this planet, just feels so perfect.

The Lovers: Intimacy. Soul Connection. Home.

You already knew The Lovers had to be included in this list. You. Just. Knew. It. When I see this card I understand the two people on the card are in a deep connection, however my go-to thought isn’t immediately tied to a romantic relationship. Not everyone is in, looking, ready or wants a romantic partner, which is why romance isn’t on my mind when I see The Lovers. I see a beautiful connection —two halves of the same whole. This can be a platonic or familial connection or it could be yourself. Like the card’s ruler, Gemini, this card can touch on the two parts of one being coming together. This card is home. This card is safety. This card is the definition of what it means to be unapologetically yourself, in your body with your soul in complete alignment with who you are. And that energy can attract and maintain beautiful connections.

Strength: Powerful. Loyal. Strong Willed.

A person is sitting next to a lion. They are unbothered. They are at peace with her eyes closed. They are surrounded by butterflies while the lion is asleep next to her. Like what? What is happening here? To me, this is confidence, trusting the process and an inner knowing that you are safe. You found yourself in a situation that can be super scary, but you have your guides with you. Those butterflies are in between you and that lion. You’ve got this beautiful inner light radiating with power. If you’re calm, cool and collected, then that lion isn’t paying any attention to you. Trust where you are and what you’ve got going on. You have so much power deep within you that you may have forgotten about. Tap into that energy and see what blossoms.

Are you drawn to one of these cards in particular? I’d love to know your thoughts, maybe a different interpretation or what message did you receive the last time you came across one of these cards?



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