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Welcome to Aries Season.

NEW SEASON, NEW ENERGY (Pisces to Aries).

Hi lovelies. How was Pisces season for you? I want you to take a moment to reflect on this past month. For me, this time was soft and slow with little moments of excitement. The type of excitement that feels like butterflies were in my stomach. I felt more comfortable processing my emotions, fears and overall self worth. Pisces season was good to me and I am oh so grateful for the lessons I learned.

And here we are right at the beginning. We’re kickstarting the astrological calendar with Aries. We may feel energies around us ebbing and flowing between assertive, confident and full of determination. This fire sign is cardinal energy, meaning it’s one of four signs that kick off a new season. Say hello to Spring because it’s here babes. We’ve been cocooning for a bit and now, we’re ready to bust through the soil and start growing towards the sun. If it feels right, embrace that theme this month.

In tarot we are moving from The Moon to The Emperor. Yes, The Emperor is royal and has those authoritative qualities to them, but when I think about this card I think of a person who is unapologetically confident in themselves and what they offer. They are physically ready for what’s thrown at them and emotionally, they understand their boundaries. It’s this beautiful inner knowing of what they will and won’t accept from others. Fuckin fire! Literally.


Transformation. Clearing. Surrender to Cycle.

Death is a natural part of the life cycle of everything. It’s tough, but beautiful and necessary. Now, connecting Death to The Emperor, I see a major ego check happening this month. You may feel tested in who you are and possibly in those boundaries I mentioned before. This month asks us to determine what part of our ego is taking over in a way that’s controlling, what part of ourselves needs clearing out and what are we growing into. How are you transforming? Is it into someone you love or is it someone who needs to check their ego?

P.S. If you’re interested, you can scroll and find I pulled three of the Major Arcana cards from a few of my decks and went over some general information about all 12 signs. I did that on the day each season started. Start there if you’re interested in a starting point when learning about astrology. (

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