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Welcome to Pisces Season.

NEW SEASON, NEW ENERGY (Aquarius to Pisces).

Aquarius season ... you did not hold back. WHOA. To say the energy was powerful, potent and constant isn't doing this month justice. This month was one of intense energy where every person felt it in their own way. We had tough conversations, we came to new realizations and we kept our eye on the metaphorical prize. It was all about the collective this month and the collective energy was mighty AF.

Pisces season is the last piece of the wheel before we start from the beginning. We've got one more month of winter before we start seeing spring begin it's process. Keep in mind what's dormant because it's going to pop up soon. We may be called to move more, to dream more, to embrace people or situations that we've never come across before. If it feels safe, go with it. Trust your intuition and trust your sense of wonder. Allow yourself to explore new avenues with softness and excitement.

In tarot we are moving from The Star to The Moon. The Moon reminds us to look to the phases for support, to allow ourselves to sit back and let the moonlight soak into our bodies. When we embrace The Moon's energy we are surrendering to what wants to come in, will come in with the tide and what wants to go, will recede. Easier said than done, I know. You don't have to deal with your emotions yet. There is no rushing this process.

ENERGY FOR THIS MONTH: Page of Pentacles.

Ambitious. Opportunity. Manifestation. Goal-oriented.

We are ready and willing to reach for the impossible here. We are just a little page who is coming to the realization that things aren't just handed to us. We have to reach, grow, strategize to get what out of this world. It requires us to be patient although we have a whole lot of exciting energy running through us, we need to wait. This month ask yourself what needs come to the surface. What is the tide bringing in? When you see it or feel it, will you be ready to grab it?

P.S. If you’re interested, you can scroll and find I pulled three of the Major Arcana cards from a few of my decks and went over some general information about all 12 signs. I did that on the day each season started. Start there if you’re interested in a starting point when learning about astrology. (

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