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Cancer Season: Tarot Pulls

It's officially, official y'all. Cancer season is here aka the Summer Solstice aka it's time to glob on that sunscreen if you haven't already. There's been something in the air the past few months with eclipse season ending, beautiful moons shining their energy on us and it just feels fresh with so many possibilities on the horizon. I was probably drawn into the upcoming cardinal energy that this season brings. It's time to enjoy those long summer nights, weekend getaway trips and anything else that ignites a sense of adventure into your soul. Gemini: The Crab Planet ruler: Moon Element: Cardinal Water Season: Summer Tarot card: The Chariot Part of the body Cancer rules over: The chest, stomach, womb and breasts. Card for the collective: The Magician. I told ya so! Fresh new energy is ready to be played with this season. Grab your tools, make some magic and see what sparks are ignited in your soul! Stay connected with all the exciting things you do this summer. Fire signs: Justice. Balance has shifted and karma is ready to settle the score with whoever fucked you over. Sounds harsh, but that's the vibes I'm getting. You've been patiently waiting and doing your thing, now it's time for the Universe to take over so you can rest and stop stressing. Earth signs: The Lovers. Love for yourself and for others. This season asks you to radically accept self-love and the love you deserve. Don't push it away or brush it off. Water signs: Knight of Cups. You got this last month, so I'll repeat myself. Be mindful of manipulation and how people around you are expressing themselves. Is it authentic or are they playing with your kind heart? Air signs: The Emperor. Stand strong and in your power. Unapologetically follow the path you see fit and let your vision guide you. You know what you are meant to do and how to achieve your goals. Go get it!

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