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Pisces Season: Tarot Pulls

Welcome to Pisces season (Feb. 19 to March 20)

And just like that we have dropped into Pisces season. It's the last month of winter, but depending on where you are, signs of spring are beginning to pop through. Pisces season brings a soft, creative, compassionate and dream-like energy to this month. Pay attention to your dreams and see what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you. Pisces are very connected with music, the arts and using their hands to create something beautiful for this world. Dabble in this mindset and see what happens.

Sagittarius: The Fish

Planet ruler: Neptune

Element: Mutable Water

Season: Winter

Tarot card: The Moon

Part of the body Pisces rules over: The hands and feet.

Card for the collective: Five of Wands. Embrace the messy and chaotic energy around you. Fight the good fight for what you want. There's a lot of learning and growth that comes with this card.

Fire signs: Ten of Wands. Something little has been wracking your brain for years. An unkept promise, an apology that was never delivered — something is causing a twinge of pain. Either seek it out or ask yourself if continuing on this way is worth it. This may not take up a lot of brain space, but it's enough that you keep coming back to it.

Earth signs: Knight of Wands. Passion and heart are behind what you do this month. Guns blazing, you are ready to go forth. Be sure you're ready for what you could encounter on these uncharted territories.

Water signs: Temperance. Find your balance. Health and heart, internal and external. The pendulum has swung far to one side and it's time to bring it back to neutral.

Air signs: Six of Pentacles. Find the balance between giving and receiving. This is a constant lesson for you and it's time to see how it's effecting your values, energy, health and relationships.

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